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Continuous 3-On-3

Continuous 3-On-3 is a great drill to test different players together and assure all players stay highly involved in a live game setting.

Set Up

Break up into teams of three. If one or two players are left over, add a fourth player to teams as needed (these teams should substitute players after every lost possession). Begin with one offensive team at half court and a defensive team protecting each basket. Only one ball is needed for this drill.

How It Works

The drill is simple. The offensive team attacks one of the baskets. Teams play live 3-on-3 until a basket is scored or the defense gets a stop. The team that wins the possession then brings the ball down the court and attacks the opposite basket. The team that loses the possession stays at that basket until the ensuing possession ends and the next winning team returns. If there are more than three teams, the reserve team(s) should rotate in after every lost possession.  

Key coaching points

-Coaches may implement a shot clock, dribble limit or one-shot rule for each possession.  

-Coaches may run drill for a specific time period or up to a set score. Best to keep games fairly quick (under 5 minutes) to assure quality gameplay and urgency.