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Duke Transition Pull-Ups

This drill was taken from a Duke University practice session and works on contested pull-up shots in transition.

Set Up

Start with two even lines: an offensive line near center court and a defensive line underneath the basket. The first two players in the offensive line start with a ball.

How It Works

The offensive player rushes toward the basket. The defensive player simultaneously closes out, chopping his/her feet and putting a hand up to contest a shot. The offensive player stops anywhere before the foul line for a pull-up shot. Once the shot goes up, the offensive player hustles for the rebound and the defensive player runs out to a wing (best if they go to whichever side the shot goes to). The shooter retrieves the rebound and throws an outlet pass to the defender. The defender then throws the ball to the next player in the offensive line. Players switch lines after every shot. The next two players may begin as soon as the group before them clears from the basket line.


Key coaching points

-Offensive players should run hard into their shots. Coaches may implement a 2-3 dribble limit to assure players really run with the ball.  

-Defenders should not try to block the shots. This is a warm-up drill to get players moving on both ends and to simulate 1v1 transition shots.  

-Players should work both mid-range and 3pt shots. Shots may be taken on wings as well. Coaches should set lines accordingly.