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Five-Man Weave

The Five-Man Weave is another great warm-up to get the whole team moving up and down the court in unison and finishing on the break.

Set Up

Form five lines on the baseline: one in each corner; one just outside of the paint on each side; and one in the middle, underneath the basket. The first player in the middle line starts with a ball.

How It Works

The middle player begins by throwing a pass to either of the two nearest players. The middle player runs behind both the receiver and the wide player on the same side and turns up the sideline. As the middle player turns up the sideline, the wide player pushes inward. The new ball-carrier then passes across to the next nearest player on the opposite side and repeats the action of falling behind the receiver and the wide player and turning up the sideline. Again, the wide player on this side pushes inward. This action repeats up the court until a player is close enough to finish at the rim. At this time, the player nearest the rim grabs the rebound and the others fall into the designated starting positions. The group repeats the drill back down the court.

Key coaching points

-Players should run as close to the sideline as possible, forcing them to run hard and maintain proper spacing.

-All players should get one touch on the ball before the finish, typically no more and no less.