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Three-Man Shooting

The Three-Man Shooting drill keeps players actively engaged and moving while assuring plenty of shot repetitions for your team.

Set Up

Break up into teams of three. If one or two players are left over, add a fourth player to teams as needed (teams with four will have two “free men” at a time). Set up two cones anywhere inside or around the perimeter, about 10-15 feet apart. Designate one cone as the starting point and the other as the shooting point. You can have multiple teams at a basket, but each team needs its own cones. One ball is needed in each group.

How It Works

Each team has a shooter, a passer, and a free man. The shooter will stand at the starting point, the passer holds the ball on the opposite wing or near the top of the key (depending where the shooting point is), and the free-man under the rim. The shooter will run from the starting point to the shooting point as if coming off a screen. Shooter can curl the screen, flare, or plant-and-pop. He/She then catches the pass and shoots. The passer follows the pass to the starting point and becomes the next shooter. The shooter grabs the rebound and kicks it out to the free-man, who now stands in the passer’s position, and the drill repeats. Note: The free-man can be used to contest the shot or to help the shooter rebound on a bad miss. Coaches’ choice.

Key coaching points

-Shooters and passers should communicate how they’re going to come off each screen.  

-Players should run hard for each rebound and move onto the next shot as quickly as possible.  

-Coaches may run the drill for a specific time period or up to a set score.  

-Move the cones every few minutes to assure repetitions in multiple spots.