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November 3, 2022

Swedish League Organization Ettanfotboll Begins Cooperation With 360player

The Swedish league organization Ettanfotboll begins a long-term collaboration with 360Player. Through a procured agreement, all Ettan clubs are now offered a comprehensive platform at very favorable terms. Ettanfotboll will be the first league organization that 360Player signs an agreement with in Sweden.

Among Ettan's associations, some are already connected; Vasalund IF, IFK Stocksund and FC Stockholm. In addition to them, several international clubs such as Athletic Club de Bilbao, Valencia C.F and the world's largest football club Rush Soccer in the USA are also using 360Player's software.

Leo Usberg, Sales Manager Northern Europe, tells more about 360Player and the collaboration with Ettanfotboll:

''We are very happy to work together with Ettanfotboll in the coming years. We feel that their ambition and pace of development is very high and matches our ambitions to continue to modernize and digitize the sports world together.''

On behalf of Ettanfotboll, the agreement means an enhanced opportunity to offer organizationally sustainable solutions for its member associations and an opportunity for the associations to improve their digital communication both internally and externally. Jimmy Fors, Club Development Manager for Ettanfotboll, comments on the recent collaboration:

''We are really looking forward to starting work with 360Player. It is a company that both understands and is passionate about association life and that spends an enormous amount of time developing its platform to meet the associations' needs. Through this collaboration, all our Ettan associations will have the opportunity to use 360Player at a really favorable price.''

Oliver Beijer, communications manager at Ettanfotboll added his thoughts as well:

''Ettanfotboll will also centrally use 360Player for It is something that opens up a lot of possibilities for new content on our website, which I am convinced that both our associations and their supporters will greatly appreciate.''

See the full press release in Swedish on Ettan's website.