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January 18, 2024

Top Flight Peruvian Club Sporting Cristal Joins The 360Player Platform

360Player is now the official tech partner for the Academies and Women's Soccer divisions at Club Sporting Cristal. The club will use the 360Player platform to digitalize its operations.

The deal with 360Player spans 2024-2026, with Club Sporting Cristal taking a major leap in beefing up its Academies project, aiming to bridge the gap with the Youth Football division.

The new Sporting Cristal sports platform lets coaches, admins, players, and parents easily share a digital space. They can check out training and match session plans, do performance evaluations for individuals and the team, keep tabs on injuries, swap training methods, chat directly with team members, and more. In upcoming updates, there'll even be a module for tuition payments.

The club is rolling out the platform in stages to ensure everyone gets the most out of it. It will kick off with its Selective Group divisions of the Academy and Women's Soccer training down at the La Florida Sports City. Eventually, it'll expand to cover football schools and official venues.

Going with 360Player tech, also used by top-notch clubs like Valencia CF, Athletic Club Bilbao, FCB Barça Academy, and Rayo Vallecano, puts Club Sporting Cristal at the forefront of youth development.