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3 Great Ways To Use The 360Player Training Library

October 7, 2020

Planning and organizing training sessions is a huge responsibility of any coach. 360Player makes it easy to save your favorite content from your own coaching libraries, or anywhere on the web to one convenient place.

1. Build The Perfect Training Session

Building the perfect training session is easy when you’ve got all of your favorite drills and exercises in your library. If you haven’t added any of your own content yet, don’t worry; 360Player has hundreds of ready-made drills that you can draw from to create an amazing session.

If you’re working with a certain age of players, or certain time or space requirements you can filter out exercises that don’t meet the needs you’re looking for. For example, very young players may be better suited for certain ‘fun and games’ types of drills versus older more serious players, and with these filters you can zero in on the exact age appropriate drills for your team.

Keep in mind that every great session has a theme with key takeaways for the players. To find the type of content you want, all drills are searchable and categorized so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. You can discover categories such as ‘warm-up’, ‘small sided games’, or ‘finishing’, or even search for a more specific term such as ‘3v3’ using the search bar.

Creating exercises and sessions is easy, and once you’ve saved your creations you can easily toggle back and forth between exercises and sessions with the toggle button in the library. You can also save content in collections to easily group your content together in whatever way is meaningful to you.

2. Add Training Sessions To The Calendar

Once you’ve created a session, you can easily add it to a training event in your 360Player calendar. When doing this, you’ll have the option of whether or not you want players to see. This can be a great way to keep all coaches and players on the same page for a training. For example, a coach could have their players go in and review the exercises in the app before the training starts to minimize downtime when everyone gets out onto the pitch.

Some teams really love harnessing the power of video to help their players visually see what’s going on and develop more quickly. If you’re really looking for this extra edge, you could even video record training sessions and point out key learning opportunities in the 360Player video analytics tool. This makes it easy to tag players in video clips and save these clips right to their player profiles! If you’d like to find out more about innovative ways to use video analytics, check out this article.

3. Share Training Sessions With Your Club

Within the 360Player training library there are three sub libraries, ‘My Library’, ‘Team Library’, and ‘Club Library’. This makes it very easy to sort content into the correct place with who it’s meant for. Your own personal library can be seen only by you, where as your team and club libraries can be seen by your entire team and club respectively.

If you’d like to share exercises and sessions with other coaches on your team, it’s easy, just be sure that your content is saved in the team library. With the club library you can share exercises and methodology throughout the entire club!

This can be especially helpful for club directors who want all of the teams in their club to have a specific style of play and develop a certain way. When a club uses 360Player it makes this challenge much easier to meet, in addition to solving for all the other internal and external communication needs that large organizations have.

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