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Product news

5 Ways 360Player Will Improve The Communication In Your Club

February 9, 2021

360Player offers tons of great features to improve communication for teams and clubs. See how your organization could benefit with a quick overview of these 5 handy ways to use the platform.

1. File Sharing

360Player is the perfect solution to take the entire club digital with places to store and easily access videos, files, and more. Within the platform coaches can create exercises and training sessions and save them to various libaries for personal use, team use, or the entire club. With 360Player being fully online, everyone in the club can get access to the important files and data they need, anytime, anywhere.

2. Group Chats

There are so many different messaging solutions in this day and age from WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, WeChat, and more- however, 360Player provides the unique advantage of being able to quickly communicate with the people in your organization in the same platform that handles all of the other club related activities. When players get connected to a team, coaches and club staff can easily message and communicate with them and their parents at a moments notice. Whenever messages are recieved, the recipient will get a push notification just like with any other messaging app. In addition, it's easy to create groups for more specific communication needs.

3. Calendar Events

Practices, games, and meetings are common events for all sporting organizations, so needless to say a calendar is essential! The 360Player calendar not only is a great place for all parents, players, and staff to stay up to date- but it’s also packed with smart features to log training and match statistics, session plans, and more.

4. Wall posts

Need to get information out to the entire team or club at once? Wall posts will do just the trick. Similar to a facebook feed, the team wall is an easy way to get information out quickly to everyone in a specific group. This can also be a great place for club sponsors to share information throughout the organization!

5. Giving Feedback

Player development is a vital part of the entire 360Player experiences which is why the app is packed with a ton of features for players to improve. Within the app coaches can leave feedback in a variety of ways from video analytics, performance reviews, and assessments and the great thing is, players can always access this data right from their player profiles.