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Product news

New 360Player Features: April 2023

March 31, 2023

Release 1.117

This is one of our largest releases yet, with a lot of structural improvements and changes to multiple flows.


New features


Introducing the new club lobby, where all users in a club can access club news and registrations from one place, even before joining a group.

·     Registrations can now be accessed from the lobby, automatically sending the user to the correct form, already logged in if done in a browser.

·     Parents can see all children in the active club, and easily add other children to the club directly from the lobby.

·     Parents can manage their children in the club directly from the club lobby.

·     Administrators can now decide if a post should be visible on the club lobby or not.

·     When club members join an actual group, they will be prompted to add any additional required data that is managed from custom user fields in the club.

·     New invite methods have been added to link to the club lobby. Read “Invite links and updated invite settings”later in the release notes.                 

·     It is now possible to do the full onboarding flow without actually becoming a member of a group.

New team picker

·     The team picker has a new look, and is now indexed for all the clubs that the user might be a part of. Navigation to new Club lobby and club admin group displayed on top of all other groups.

Installment plans

·     It is now possible to generate installment plans when creating a new subscription, or registration form.

·     When creating a new subscription from the create order form, the admin can now decide to set a number of installments after which the plan will cancel.

·     The admin can also set a separate validity date for products, e.g. allowing the customer to pay for a membership for 4 months, but make it valid as a product for a year.

·     If a subscription is of the type“Installment” the subscription view now displays information regarding how much the customer has paid, and how many installments they have paid/and yet to be paid.

·     Subscription list view now contains data for installments and more relevant subscription information, like assigned contacts.

Updates to registrations

·     When creating a new registration, the administrator will now add products and price options in two different steps.

·     First, the admin adds all the products that should be purchased within the registration.

·     The admin can now create different“payment option” combinations and add installment amounts to each option –creating total freedom in how customers can pay for a registration.

·     It is now possible to create multiple payment options for the same recurring interval and combine one-time payments freely with recurring ones. For example: Create a choice 3x monthly installments @ 200 = 600 or 6x monthly installments@105 = 630, then you let your users choose option on check-out.

·     The public submission service of a registration is now updated with a brand new look to make it easier for customers to select their wanted price option.

·     Registrations that have not been updated with the new structure will still look and work the same as before.

·     The submission list for a registration now displays actual related contact records to each submission.

·     The submission list now contains payment status for each submission.

·     The submission list is now filterable for each field in the form.

·     The single submission view now contains more order data if it is connected to a purchase.

·     Any old registration forms that exist will need to be updated to the new structure by an admin. This is prompted when the admin tries to edit the form.

·     There are now more bulk actions available on the submission list view, filter user, select all or multiple, add to team/group.

Invite links and updated invite settings to make user onboarding simple and fluent

·     Invite settings has a new design in the settings views.

·     Each group now has an invite link.

·     Using the invite link will directly link the user to create a new account and be added to the group, or add them directly to the group if they already have an account.

·     Using the invite link for the top level group in an organization will onboard users to the club lobby where promoted registrations will be exposed.  

·     If a user is supposed to be a member of the club admin group, they now have to be manually added through contacts or the team list or using an email invite to the team. Payment admins needs to be activated by 360Player support team.

·     Email invites have been moved from settings to the Team page.

·     Invite links and other invite methods are now available from the Team page.

Disable comments on posts

·     It is now possible to disable comments on a post. Any previously existing comments will still be present on the post but can be deleted by an administrator.

Payments updates (and the new payment provider 360Pay)

·     Customers in the North American market can now get access to 360Pay, which will lower the total service fee compared to other providers. Other geographics will be added in later releases.

·     Invoices sent through 360Pay will be branded for your organization.

·     Subscriptions with 360Pay are always“auto-charged”.

·     Invoice numbers are now generated internally for 360Pay invoices.

·     If a 360Pay-payment fails, it will be automatically retried 5times before turning to the status Uncollectible.

·     A new subscription status has been added – Pending.

·     A 360Pay subscription will not be activated until the first payment has occurred, which means it won’t start generating additional payments or invoices unless the customer has made their initial payment.

·     360Pay subscriptions cannot be updated with proration, like for example Stripe subscriptions.

·     The billing cycle for a 360Pay subscription cannot be reset in the same way as a Stripe subscription.

·     360Pay is currently using a360Player built checkout service, with uniquely generated payment links.

·     When creating a new order or registration, it is now possible to create new payment options directly from the flow, minimizing admin effort and time consumption.

·     The “Create new product” modal in order and registration flows has been updated with a new look.

·     Order summary calculations.

·     When creating orders or registrations, a summary total will now be calculated to show what the admin is creating.

·     Status filtering

·     It is now possible to filter Pending subscriptions.

·     Dashboard updates

·     Pending subscriptions now appear in the Payments dashboard.

·     ¨Updated payment links

·     Payment links now appear on the single order view as well as the parent’s billing page for more statuses (Paid,Uncollectible)

·     Single subscription view now contains Open invoices as a quick link for administrators.

·     The single invoice view will nowreflect collection method differently if an email has been sent on an auto-charged order.

Fogis import (Sweden only)

·     It is now possible for Swedish teams to import their match and league data from, with automated updates.