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Product news

New 360Player Features: February / March 2023

February 28, 2023

Our latest release of 360Player includes new highly anticipated features such as the ability to animate training diagrams,a beautiful new payment dashboard to deep dive into club finicals, and much more.

Here is a summary of all of the new features:

Major features

Custom fields

Clubs can now define what data to collect on all users within the organization. Define what to collect using flexible formats, and gather information from the members of your club. For example, make it mandatory for everyone to set when their passport expires so you know before the next trip!

Animation tool for drawings

It is now possible to create pedagogical steps to your drawings, which generates beautiful animations for you to showcase your drills even better.

Payments dashboard

Payment administrators can now take a deep dive into what is going on in the club’s financials, using our all new payments dashboard.

Create child accounts without email

To simplify the onboarding process when signing on smaller children, it is now possible for parents to create child accounts without adding an email to it. The parent will then be able to do all necessary things on behalf of their child.

Billing page

Users of 360Player now has access to their own billing page. Here parents will find all of their invoices and subscriptions, and will be able to manage them accordingly.

Individual training stats

The newly release training stats report now has an addition of an individual breakdown of what each player has practiced, if they have been tagged on exercises within sessions.

Metadata on products

In order to make it easier for clubs to streamline financial reporting, it is now possible to add user defined data to products, like account number, which in exports enables you to create reports suitable for you accounting or business intelligence needs.

Additional features

  • New filters to see when an invoice has been paid or refunded
  • It is possible add multiple contacts to a group
  • New contact filter for when a contact was removed from a group
  • New contact filter for contacts that don’t have any groups
  • Birth date has been added as a field on the contact table
  • New contact filter for birth date on a contact
  • When selecting prices creating a registration, price title is now displayed instead of price type

We also launched a bunch of bug and performance fixes!

We wish you a great day!