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Product news

New 360Player Features: June 2023

May 31, 2023


  • Discounts (360Pay) - It is now possible to create discount codes for 360Pay organizations. Create any code that you want, with either a percentage or fixed amount, and use it to give your customers discounts when creating invoices or when your customers are registering!
  • Partial refunds - You can now refund parts of an invoice that has been sent to a customer.
  • Easily connect more parents - An improved interaction has been built to send an invite to another parent to directly connect to your child. You will find the interaction “Connect a parent to child” in the Club lobby or in My children in your Account settings. This also enables parents to connect to a child without an email address on their account.
  • New navigation - Our menus have become more streamlines with collapsible categories for administrators, so you can find your features a lot easier.
  • Edit the sort order of your organization - It is now possible to update the sort order of your organization from the organization page.
  • Updated invite flow to events - Creating and adding participants to events now has a more streamlined and efficient flow, where it is easier to understand if and to who you are sending invitations.
  • Archive single conversations - You can now archive a direct chat that you have with another user.
  • Forced login on registration forms - There is now a new setting in registration forms where you can force registrants of the form to login to a 360Player account before they submit the form. This will prevent any unnecessary duplicate records you might get when allowing anyone without an account submit a form.
  • New filter interaction - All your applied filters are now a lot more visible when working in table views.
  • Attachments added to contact exports - If you have custom contact records with attachments, links to these attachments will now be included in exports.


  • Fixes a bug where following a link to the club lobby would try to activate the group and not the lobby state
  • Fixes a bug where the club lobby could crash if you had a connected child that was archived in the organization
  • Fixes a bug where conflict preview in scheduling would display the conflict one day ahead
  • Fixes a bug where Posts page could crash if an archived user was an author of a post
  • Fixes a bug where updating an event series could not automatically set new participants as Going, but forced sending invites
  • Fixes a bug where tax calculations in registration forms returned the wrong summary
  • Fixes a bug where it was possible to double submit the “Edit series” view which could lead to duplicate events in the series
  • Fixes a bug where birth dates could be updated with an extra day when editing a contact, due to time zone conversions
  • Fixes a bug where registrations tab on a contact card returned who submitted a form rather than who was the submitted contact
  • Fixes a bug where uncollectible invoices weren’t displayed in Current invoices on the user’s Billing-page