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Product news

New 360Player Features: September 2022 Release

September 1, 2022

In the latest release of 360Player we are bringing multiple quality of life updates and availability of features to our users.

Here are the highlights:

Registrations - Expanded Beta

Anybody that's run a Sports organization knows how much of a hassle and a headache it can be to collect all the registration forms and sign-ups from different places whether it's for tryouts, clinics, or summer camps. Having the ability to do this online and within the ecosystem where you already manage your club makes things so much easier! In our last release, we launched the registrations feature in its beta version and we've been making continuous improvements.

If you want to try out the registration features in our platform, get in touch with your contact or representative at 360Player and they can set it up for you. This makes signing up for things like tryouts and camps so easy because people can go online, fill in their information, submit their payment, and then just like that, boom! They're registered and they go into your database on the platform. Then you can easily see who's signed up, who's registered, and who has paid.

Scheduling Improvements

Another feature that's been making a ton of improvements is our scheduling tool. This is another feature that's making the lives of managers, administrators, and directors much easier because they can lay out the schedule for their entire club and assign the resources of the club appropriately. Now they can easily see what field each team is training on, what resources within the club are being used, and more. This is another feature that we launched in our previous release that more and more clients are testing. For managers and directors, this feature along with registrations are going a long way to making life much easier in the club.

Here are some more things we've worked in on this release:

  • Canceled events
    If you have a calendar event that is no longer occurring, but you don’t want to delete it, you can now cancel it instead. Participants of the event will be notified that it is canceled so that communication is much clearer.

  • Additional video source support
    Our video tool can now utilize additional video links, like .m3u8 and much more.

  • Mail notifications
    Users can now manage their notification settings in their account settings, as well as receive email notifications of posts and events to their email inbox.

  • Send emails to contacts
    From the contacts list, a payment admin can now select one or more contacts and send an email to them with a click.

  • Pasting attachments
    It is now possible to paste an attachment directly from your clipboard to the chat and posts.

  • Stored chats
    Navigating from a chat will now store the message that you have started to write, so you don’t have to be afraid of losing any information when navigating from the chats.

  • Child information management
    Parents can now from the “My children” page in the account settings edit their children’s profile information instead of navigating to their profile first.

    Minor features
  • Form submission now display their submission date
  • Styled 404-pages on the public registrations service
  • It is now not possible to send manual reminders on invoices that should be auto-charged
  • Filters in modals will no longer populate the overall search string when filtering, resulting in more correct filter results
  • The team picker now displays a symbol if you have any missing information in a club that you need to update
  • Contact filters are now available when selecting contacts directly in the order flow

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug where canceled checkouts would generate a contact record
  • Fixes a bug where users without the correct capability could see the Registrations feature navigation
  • Fixes a bug where the New contact page didn’t have correct spacing in mobile devices
  • Fixes a bug where creating a contact during the creation of an order wouldn’t close the contact form
  • Fixes a bug where certain “Doesn’t have product” filters returned too many results
  • Fixes a bug where some collections in the video library wasn’t accessible to the correct users
  • Fixes a bug where changing the sort order of fields in an existing registration wouldn’t be properly reflected on the submission index page
  • Fixes a bug where users couldn’t finalize invoices in bulk