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Product news

New Feature: Create Playlists In 360Player

April 7, 2021

360Player now makes it easy to playback clips from multiple sources seamlessly with the addition of video playlist functionality. Let's dive into how it works, and how this feature can be used to take your team to the next level!

Organize Your Videos Your Way

By creating playlists it's easy to add clips from multiple different video sources which opens up a world of playback possibilities. Want to showcase highlights from different games one after the other? Create a highlight playlist to showcase the best goals and goalscoring chances throughout your team's entire season at once!

Next Level Performance Analysis

Having the ability to combine clips seamlessly from multiple matches or events gives you more creative control to highlight positives and learning opportunities for players to improve. Players can create playlists showcasing clips from game to game making it easy to analyze and spot improvements in performance.

In Depth Scouting Opportunities

Want to scout an opponent and showcase certain events to your team quickly and easily? Playlists make this possible! Simply upload all the video files you want to create clips from, then create clips and add them to a playlist of your choosing. You can then share this playlist with your team with the press of a button!

Training Inspiration Playlist

Want to create a playlist for all of your favorite training videos and ideas? Add them all together into a training inspiration playlist. You can even cut out just the key moments of each video to cut the fluff and get straight to the point. Share with other coaches and you could explain all or your practice ideas in minutes!

Next Steps With Video Analytics

The development team at 360Player is continuously working hard to bring your team and club the best tools possible. Playlists is an exciting step in taking our video analytics tool to the next level. Stay tuned for future updates as we plan on continuing to improve our analytics tools with drawing features, and more in future releases!