Individual development. 
Focus on what matters.

Make sure that every individual on the team has goals to work towards, gets the feedback they need, and takes responsibility for their own development.


The 360Player assessment tool provides the opportunity for coaches and players to evaluate their skills.

What position?

Based on the assessments, 360Player’s unique algorithms designed from a statistical study of 15 000 professional players can match players with their best positions on the field.

Individual training programs.

Based on the positions that are chosen, 360Player automatically generates tailored training programs with drill suggestions for players to improve.


Comparing assessments between coaches and players creates a solid foundation for relevant development discussions.

Set goals and plans.

Create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for every player to make sure that they work on the things that are most important to them. With IDPs, players take more responsibility for their own development, easing the workload of the coach.

Physical maturity.

Every child matures at different times. In fact, there can be a three year physical difference between children born during the same year. The 360Player app takes physical maturity into account when generating training programs, so everyone gets the same chance to develop. Read more here.

Everything included.

Affordable for any club or team.

3 months


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Billed quarterly

Setup included

1 Year
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per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Billed anually

Setup included



Get a tailored offer when implementing the 360Player platform for multiple teams or in the entire club/college/school.

Includes multiple club features, like organization wide communication, custom branding and file sharing.

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