Valuable insights.

The 360Player statistics tool provides you with meaningful data to help you improve your team, beyond static numbers.

Give a little, get a lot.

With the 360Player statistics tool you can create statistics in as much details as you want. The more you give the system, the more you will get back!

Keep track of minutes played.

Playing time is usually an important stat for coaches, players, and parents. 360Player helps you keep track of how much every player has been on the field.

Smart overviews.

Get important stats at a glance. What happened during the game? Who scored? When? Find out in a matter of seconds.

More than just static numbers.

Tracking shots and goals is simple. The 360Player statistics tool gives you deeper insights than just basic numbers to help you understand what’s happening in a match. For example, when does your team score or concede goals, or who performs the most assists on the team?

Avoid injuries.

Physical strain is scientifically proven to effect a player’s injury risk. By effortlessly logging all activities on and off the field, the coach and player can monitor the current level of estimated strain to avoid injuries.

Everything included.

Affordable for any club or team.

3 months


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Billed quarterly

Setup included

1 Year
(save 33%)


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Billed anually

Setup included



Get a tailored offer when implementing the 360Player platform for multiple teams or in the entire club/college/school.

Includes multiple club features, like organization wide communication, custom branding and file sharing.

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