Powerful Sports
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360Player provides video and data analysis tools to improve sports performance for individuals, teams, and clubs.

Video analytics tools are included as part of the all-in-one sports platform. See the entire platform →

Trusted by clubs from all over the world.

Trusted by clubs from all over the world

without limits

With the 360Player platform you never have to worry about file sizes. Analyze as much as you want in whatever resolution you desire.

Create clips and
highlight key moments

Easily create clips and highlights to take a deeper look at the moments that matter the most.

Develop players and teams
more quickly

Video provides insights unlike anything else. Provide feedback to players by tagging them in clips and leaving comments. When a player is tagged in a clip, they can access it at any time through their profile. 

Allow everyone to
analyze performance

Everyone on the team, including the players, can create and share clips. This makes analyzing matches faster and creates a deeper understanding of the game for everyone involved.

Access all your favorite tools
in one convenient place

Performance analysis is just one part of the 360Player platform. Get everything you need for your team in one place including session plans, statistics, individual development plans, communication tools, and much more!

How are clubs standing out
with 360Player?

See how Sergi Angulo Lerín of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona uses 360Player with his academy.

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