Video Analytics. 
Powerful and easy.

Gain a greater understanding of your team through video analytics. 360Player’s video analytics tool is so easy that anyone can use it, regardless of prior experience.

Upload without limits.

With the 360Player platform you never have to worry about file sizes. Upload as much as you want in whatever resolution you desire.

Create clips.

Once you add a video into the platform, it’s easy to create clips and take a deeper look into the moments that matter the most.

Provide feedback.

Name your clips to showcase what is happening, then write comments for the entire team to see. For individual feedback you can tag specific players in clips and write comments directly to them. When a player gets tagged in a clip, they can access it at any time through their profile.

It’s easier together!

Everyone on the team, including the players, can create and share clips. This makes analyzing matches faster and creates a deeper understanding of the game for everyone involved.

Showcase the highlights.

From all of the clips created, it is super easy to highlight the most important ones to reference and share with your team easily. 

Everything included.

Affordable for any club or team.

Team monthly


per user/month*

Minimum 15 users

30-day free trial

Billed monthly

Setup included

Team Annual


per user/month*

Save 25% per year!

Minimum 15 users

30-day free trial

Billed annually

Setup included



Get a tailored offer with volume discount when implementing the 360Player platform in the entire club/college/federation.

Includes first 3 months free when getting started with a
monthly club plan.

All prices shown excluding VAT

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