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Video and Statistics

Drive development through analysis

Ensure that everyone in the club has the right tools to develop. With 360Player's video analytics tools all team members can collaborate in creating clips and participate in match analysis. Combined with statistical reports, fact based insights can drive team development even further.
Create playlists from multiple videos
Full match statistic reporting
Video analytics tool

Give your teams and players an edge

Video provides insights unlike anything else. Provide feedback to players by tagging them in clips and leaving comments. When a player is tagged in a clip, they can access it at any time through their profile.

"With 360Player our ‘technical-tactical’ communication has gone to the next level with the support of video analytics."

Advanced software that’s easy to use

Creating clips is easy. With just the push of a button you can save the moments that matter the most and share with players to take a deeper look.

“Really excited that players from T.E.S.A are getting the opportunity to use technology that allows us to support their player development."

Create playlists from multiple videos

Want to show the best clips from different games back to back? No problem. With playlists you can save and sort clips exactly the way you want and share them with your team.

Playlists support multiple video sources in one!

Allow everyone to analyse performance

Everyone on the team, including the players, can create and share clips. This makes analysing matches faster and creates a deeper understanding of the game for everyone involved.

"We share clips continuously, with individual players, teams, technical staff and even at the club level."

Get detailed match statistics

Track stats in as little or as much detail as you want. 360Player takes your data and generates key insights to aid in your performance analysis.

Use data to drive improved performance

Improve your team with deeper insights to understand exactly what’s happening in a match. Find out when your team is most likely to score or concede goals, or who your key players are through passes and assists.

Track minutes played

Playing time is usually an important stat for coaches, players, and parents. 360Player helps you keep track of how much every player has been on the field.

Avoid injuries by tracking physical strain

Physical strain is scientifically proven to affect a player’s injury risk. By effortlessly logging all activities on and off the field, the coach and player can monitor the current level of estimated strain to avoid injuries.

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You are in great company

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what 360Player users have to say about the all-in-one sports management platform.

‘The video analysis tool in 360Player has helped us improve from build up play, to pressing. It has made the work for our players and coaches so much easier.’

"With 360Player our ‘technical-tactical’ communication has gone to the next level with the support of video analytics between players and the technical staff. This tool has helped us to consolidate and evolve our playing style and identity."

"The use of 360Player has empowered the way we work with video analysis. We share clips continuously, with individual players, teams, technical staff and even at the club level. Even players create their own clips, identifying the trained concepts. It is an extraordinary tool to generate joint learning in the academy."