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Structure Your Club In 20 Minutes Or Less

March 29, 2021

In organizations large and small, having proper communication channels and a reliable flow for information and news is vital so that everyone stays informed. With 360Player it’s easy to set up your club with groups and subgroups so that all information can quickly be delivered to the correct administrators, coaches, players, and parents within your organization.

Setting Up Groups

When you first sign in to the 360Player platform, as an admin you’ll have access to tools to set up your club with ease. By navigating to the team settings menu, then the organization tab, you can see all groups and subgroups within your club. Here you can add, remove, and manage groups, and structure everything in the correct way very quickly.

Communicating Within The Organization

When structuring the club, keep in mind that subgroups will only get access to select information, where as parent groups can see everything below in the structure. This can be very useful for administrators who would like to oversee everything that is going on in the club. This also makes it very easy for administrators to send out information to all members of the club at once with organization wide wall posts. In every group there is a group wall where members of the group can add information for everyone else in the group. With organization wide posts, admins can add their posts to the team walls to all or selected sub groups below them.

Group posts are not the only means of communication inside the platform. For more individual communication, 360Player also includes messaging features where you can chat one on one or create group chats with other users. In addition, each group has it’s own calendar to keep track of meetings, practices, and match events.

Quick Note On Getting Users Onboard

Bringing all users on board is quite simple and we have detailed onboarding guides for users of each role so that your club can get started quickly and easily.

Sharing Methodology & Resources

Once you have all coaches and staff inside the platform, one of the great things about 360Player is that it enables easy sharing of methodology and resources throughout the club. Club directors and staff can upload all of their files, training ideas, and session plans into the club training library to allow coaches to easily access and plan trainings with club methodologies in mind.

With separate personal, team, and club libraries you can easily share the information you want, while saving other data for your own personal use.

Video Libraries

In addition to training libraries, 360Player includes video libraries as well. Here clubs can share video resources in a centralized location to point out club tactics, strategies, or spread any other information that the club leadership wants users to have easy access to.

A Final Note

With all this in mind, 360Player makes setting up your club fast and easy. With the right software, in only 20 minutes a club director can have their entire club set up and ready for action with all the groups and subgroups needed to ensure the proper flow of information.

In addition, the 360Player platform provides access to all the professional tools the coaches and players need and makes it easy for a club to share methodology and resources to everyone who needs it.

If you'd like to book a free demo of the 360Player platform with one of our representatives, click here.

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