Diagonal short short longs is a passing warm-up sequence to get players to work on short and long passes before a training or a match.

Set Up

Create a large square with a line of players at each corner. Two of the lines need balls to start with.

How It Works

The first player in line comes out in front to recieve a short pass from the second player in line. The first player plays back a wall pass to the second player who then plays a long ball to the other side.

The player who just passed long becomes the next wall passer where as the previous wall passer goes to the opposite side.

Coaching Points

This exercise can work great in conjunction with a dynamic warm-up because the players will already be in lines. Coaches can have players perform different dynamic movements when they are running to the opposite side.


Line Shooting

Line shooting is a simple finishing exercise for players to work on scoring against a goal keeper or hitting towards certain areas of the goal.

Four Square Technical Challenge

The four square technical challenge is a circuit where players work on different technical skills in each square.

Control The Ball Quickly

Control the ball quickly is a simple exercise for individuals to work on bringing the ball down and under control as quickly as possible.

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