7 Ideas For Fun & Effective Warm-Ups

October 11, 2021
An effective warm-up is important for many reasons from injury prevention, bodily preparation, and increased mental focus.

From injury prevention, bodily preparation, and increased mental focus, a quality warm-up is vital. In this article we'll dive into what makes a warm-up great and include some fun ideas you can use with your team.

The Importance of An Effective Warm-Up

Warming up before a football match or training session is essential to prepare the body for activity and focus the mind for what lies ahead. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most important benefits of a proper warm-up:

  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Increases the body’s range of motion
  • Increases body temperature
  • Activates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Improves mental focus

On a physiological level, a warm-up gradually increases heart rate and blood circulation so that the body’s cardiovascular system can transport and deliver the nutrients muscles need for football activities effectively. In addition by preparing the body steadily, acute injuries such as strains or pulls are much less likely to occur.

In terms of mental preparation, a quality warm-up provides an opportunity to clear the mind and focus on the task at hand. It effectively sets the tone for the upcoming practice or game. In this article we'll go over seven ideas for effective, fun, and engaging warm-ups.

If you're more of a video person, the video below highlights five extremely simple and effective warm-up ideas.

3 Team Possession Drill
Find The Killer Pass
Speedy Dribbling Warm Up
Passing Down The Field
3v2 to Goal
Slalom Dribbling
Dribbling Relay
Juggle for Distance
Rapid Fire Shooting Drill
Mini Goal Game With Neutrals
Rock Paper Scissors

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