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3v2 Crossing Drill

The 3v2 crossing drill is a great exercise for players to work on finishing inside the penalty area when the ball comes in from the wings. Because the attackers outnumber the defenders 3 to 2 they should have ample opportunities to make contact with the ball and try to score.

Set Up

To prepare for this exercise, set up 3 cones between 20-30 meters away from a large goal. These cones function as a place for attacking players to form 3 lines. The defending team forms two lines at the posts of the large goal.

In addition, create two wide areas with wingers starting around 30 meters away from the end line. In order to quickly transition between groups, it's nice if each winger has a supply of balls at the start of the drill.

How It Works

The exercise begins with one of the wingers dribbling down the flank and sending a cross into the penalty area. The offensive players attack the cross and try to finish on goal while the defenders try to clear the ball away.

Once a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play, the winger from the other side begins the cycle again with the next players in line.

Another variation can be played by having the defenders play a pass to the offensive team to start the drill. The teams play 3v2 to goal, and then once this is complete the players stay on to receive a cross from either side before rotating with the next group in line.

Key coaching points

Attacking players should look to mix up their runs in order to find space to finish. Timing is also very important to keep in mind when making runs into the box. In addition, the crossers should work on delivering the ball in an area where the goal keeper can't take the ball and their teammates can finish.