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6v3 To 3v1 Killer Pass Keep Away

Killer pass keep away is a possession based drill to help players work on keeping the ball, moving to find open spaces, and working together.

Set Up

Set up a large grid with a small 4x4 meter square in the middle. Divide players into a team of six and a team of three. This drill could also work with 7v3 or 8v4. The team with more players starts with one player in the middle.

How It Works

The team in possession passes the ball around trying to open the defensive team up. Once they've completed a consecutive number of passes, they can play a pass in to their teammate in the middle for a point.

If the defensive team wins the ball, they dribble towards the square in the middle and play 3v1 keep away against the player in the middle.

Key coaching points

One of the great things about this game is that it teaches players patience and to not force the pass before it's on. One thing to be wary of is the the defending team doesn't 'puppy guard' the area in the middle. The offensive team can try to draw out the defense with their passing play.

When the defensive team wins the ball, two variations of this game can be played. In one variation the team that lost it can immediately try to apply pressure to win it back. In the other variation, the team that won it can dribble to the middle freely to engage in the 3v1 rondo.