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3v3 Beat The Last Player

3v3 beat the last player is a simple 3v3 drill with a twist. In order to score, a team has to navigate past an additional player who is protecting the goals.

Set Up

Create a playing area with two mini goals on either end. In addition, section off an area at either end and place a defender at each end as shown in the diagram. In the middle area players play 3v3. This drill can also work with a 2v2, 4v4, or 5v5 in the middle.

How It Works

The coach plays a ball out to the middle where players play 3v3, trying to break into the final zone. When a team finds an opening, only one player can enter the final zone to try to score. In the final zone there's a defender from the opposing team who is trying to prevent a goal from being scored. If the ball goes out of play, the coach can play a new 50-50 ball out into the middle. (Or the coach can alternate which team starts with possession.)

Key coaching points

One of the keys to this game is moving the ball back and forth to create an opening into the final zone. Teams can try to draw the defender to one side of the drill before quickly switching the ball to the other side to set up an easy goal.

If you want to make it easier for the teams in the middle to keep possession, neutral 'all-time-offense' players can be used to give the team with the ball a numerical advantage.