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Two Sided Possession Game

The two sided possession game is a passing competition where two teams try to maintain control of the ball with the help of neutral players.

Set Up

Create a large grid and divide it in half. Then arrange players into two even teams and assign three players to be neutral 'all-time-offense' players. It's also nice to have a supply of balls close by to restart quickly if the ball goes out of play.

How It Works

The two teams and two of the three neutral players start on one of the halves of the drill. The remaining neutral player starts on the opposite side of the grid. The teams play keep away from one another with the help of the neutral players giving them a numerical advantage in possession.

If a team manages to complete a minimum number of consecutive passes they can play a ball to the neutral player on the other side for a point. Once this occurs, the drill continues on the opposite end of the grid as the players move over to the side where the pass was made. One of the neutral players crosses sides while one stays behind to be the new target player.

Key coaching points

This game is really helpful for players to work on keeping possession of the ball on offence and working together to win it back on defence.

As a coach you can adjust the difficulty of the drill by changing the size of the grid or the number neutral players. Larger grids and more neutral players make it easier for teams to possess the ball.