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Two Teams Against One

Two teams against one is an easy keep away competition where three teams take turns playing defence in the middle.

Set Up

This is a relatively simple exercise to set up, all you need is a playing area and three even teams of players. The size of the playing area can vary depending on the number and skill level of the players.

How It Works

Two of the three teams team up to play keep away from the other team for a specified length of time. Usually one to two minutes is a good length. In the given time period they see how many consecutive passes they can complete in a row. If the defending team wins the ball they can try to maintain possession. If the ball goes out of play the coach can put a new ball in play to the offensive team.

When the time is up, the defending team in the middle rotates out and a new team takes their place to defend for the next round. The teams can compete to see which teams can complete the most consecutive passes. Nobody wants to give up the most consecutive passes when it is their team in the middle!

Key coaching points

As a coach you always want to push your players to improve and pose a challenge that is not too easy or too difficult. Always be mindful of the skill level of your players. If this exercise is too difficult, here are a few ways you could make it easier:

1. Increase the size of the grid so that players have more time and space

2. Add in some neutral 'all-time-offense' players so that the team with the ball has a greater numerical superiority

3. Try this game with four teams instead where you have three teams playing keep away against one defending team