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2v2 To A Large Goal

2v2 to a large goal is an excellent exercise to work on attacking and defending fundamentals, especially as a progression after 1v1.

Set Up

Create a playing area with a large goal and goal keeper at one end. At either post of the large goal have a line of defenders. On the opposite side create two lines for attackers.

How It Works

The defenders play the ball out to the attackers who then attack with a 2v2 to goal. Once the ball goes out of play or a goal is scored, the next groups start.

Multiple variations of this drill can be played. In one version, play is dead when the defenders lose the ball. In another varation, goals can be placed on the opposite side for the opposite team to attack against.

Key coaching points

Offensive players can work on combination play and taking on defenders. Defenders should work on communication and having one player pressure the ball while the other player covers.