3v3 Take Back To Attack

July 30, 2019

Small sided games are great to help players get lots of touches on the ball, develop a tactical understanding, and improve overall. 3v3 take back to attack is an easy small sided game where once a team wins the ball they have to play it back to the coach before going towards goal.

Set Up

First set up the playing area with a large goal on one end. A coach can position themselves with a supply of balls at the other end. Divide players into two even teams. 3v3 is an ideal number for this drill, however, it could also work with 2v2 or 4v4.

How It Works

The coach plays a ball out to the attacking team who attempts to score on the large goal. The attacking team can always play back to the coach so they essentially have a 4v3 numerical advantage when they have the ball.

In the event that the defensive team wins the ball, they can play a pass in to the coach which upon being recieved flips the playing field so that they are now attacking on the large goal.

Teams compete as normal but whenever a defensive team wins the ball they need to play it in to the coach before attacking the goal to earn a point.

Coaching Points

Be sure that players are moving off the ball and offering good supporting angles in attack. This drill offers a great chance to work on combination play and breaking down the defense.

On the opposite side of the ball, defensive organization is also important and depending on a coaches tactics, either man to man or zonal defending can be used.