Keep Away To Attack

July 2, 2020

Keep away to attack is a small sided game where two teams must complete a given number of passes before trying to score on goal.

Set Up

Create a large grid with a large goal and goal keeper at one end as pictured in the diagram.

Divide players into two groups to compete against one another. You can also include some neutral 'all time offense' players to help the teams in attack.

How It Works

The two teams try to keep possession and complete passes against one another. Once the attackers complete a minimum number of passes or hold on to the ball for a certain amount of time, they can attack towards the large goal and try to score.

Coaching Points

When it comes to keeping possession, movement off the ball and offering good passing angles is key. The size of the rondo area can be adjusted to provide varying levels of difficulty. A small tight area is tougher on the team in possession where as more space typically gives players more time on the ball.