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Dagens Industri - "Svenskarna säljer in sin plattform till spansk fotbollsjätte – Paradoxgrundaren investerar"

Some player development, another part club administration and soon a larger part fintech. This is the basis of the football platform “360Player” – which is now spread around the world through big clubs such as Athletic Bilbao. “We will develop the service for other sports as well,” says founder Mats Kraitsik.

Fotbollskanalen - Fotbollslabbet

The numbers speak for themselves.
Talents born late in the year do not get the same opportunities.
In the Football Lab, they go in depth – and suggest an alternative solution together with 360Player.

Dagens Industri - "Tränarlegendarens nya satsning – sportapp för spelarutveckling"

360Player will help clubs and national teams to develop players. Now they bring in new capital for launch and a coaching legend and TV profile joins the board.

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