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Passing Drills

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Through Pass Competition

Jürgen Klopp Pressing Warm-Up

4v2 Rondo With Dribble Retake

3v3 Defenders In Zones

Team Rondo Finishing Challenge

Rondo To Attack

Wall Pass Shooting Drill

6v3 To 3v1 Killer Pass Keep Away

Keep Away To Wide Players

3v3v3 Rondo

Two Sided Possession Game

Two Teams Against One

Find The Killer Pass

3 Team Possession Drill

Rondo In A Rondo

Rondo Pressure Drill

Spaced Out Rondo

4v2 Transitional Rondo

Small Tight Rondo

Ajax Passing Square

Diagonal Short Short Longs

Passing With Third Man Runners

Passing Down The Field

Numbered Passing