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7 Fun & Competitive Rondo Variations

A rondo is a keep away style drill where one team with numerical superiority tries to keep possession while the other team tries to take the ball away.

5 Qualities of Successful Football Coaches

5 Qualities of Successful Football CoachesJust what exactly is it that makes a great football coach? When you think about it, coaches have a lot of responsibilities from organizing trainings, developing game plans, communicating with players, and much more. When it...

How Physical Development Affects Youth Sports

The Reason Why 50% of Footballers Quit.It's a story that's all too common in the ranks of youth football. Children are selected by adults. Children develop physically at different times. Naturally the early bloomers have a huge competitive advantage over their late...

5 Ways Using Video Analytics Can Help Your Team

5 Powerful Ways To Use Video AnalyticsMany successful coaches have realized the powerful role video analytics can play in helping their teams and players improve. Let’s face it, giving players a chance to see themselves in action is a great way to help them understand...

Cristiano Ronaldo Analysis

Few players have accomplished as much at the top levels of football for as long as Cristiano has. In this article we discuss how Ronaldo became one of the all-time greats.

4 Powerful Coaching Takeaways From Jürgen Klopp

Passionate, innovative, and wildly successful, Jürgen Klopp is regarded by many as one of the best football managers in the world right now. But what is it exactly that makes Klopp such a special coach?

Recent drills

Defense Drops Two

Defense drops two is simple small sided game where the team in possession has a numerical advantage in attack.

Rondo Pressure Drill

The rondo pressure drill is a fun keep away variation with two teams competing against each other.

Spaced Out Rondo

Spaced out rondo is a keep away variation to help players work on staying spread out, offensive shape, and finding good passing angles. Set Up Create a grid divided into six zones as pictured in the diagram. This drill is played as a 6v3 rondo 'keep away' exercise...

Two Teams Against One

Two teams against one is an easy keep away competition where three teams take turns playing defence in the middle.

Rondo To Attack

Rondo to attack is a fun rondo ‘keep away’ variation where once players have completed a certain number of passes they can go forward and try to score.

3v2 All Time Forwards

3v2 all time forwards is a fun and fast paced mini game that can help players develop good attacking play with a plus one numerical advantage.

1v1 Defender Trailing

1v1 defender trailing is a 1v1 variation that encourages offensive players to attack quickly and stay calm under pressure while being chased by a defender.

Win The Ball To Counter

Win the ball to counter is fun small sided game that combines elements of keep away and counter attacking in a competitive drill between two teams.

3v3 Flying Changes

3v3 flying changes is a fast paced small sided game that can help players work on attacking quickly and finishing.

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